Enable the full potential of the IoT with Fog architecture

Manufacturers who have embraced the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have made gains in performance and operational efficiencies, thanks to connected sensors that measure and manage equipment performance throughout the factory. Tiny sensors stream performance data to the cloud, helping to troubleshoot before equipment fails.

In these digital factories, IIoT is exposing the performance gaps of traditional cloud-only systems. IIoT requires a connected factory that is capable of providing reliable, real-time accessibility to the data being captured and analyzed by automated systems and processes. The amount of data from industrial manufacturing sites that operate drones, industrial robots and industrial control systems is now measured in petabytes, dwarfing all previous networking demands.

Given the requirements for real-time communication flows throughout – and beyond – the factory floor, it’s becoming clear that cloud-only approaches can no longer keep up with the necessary volume, latency, mobility, reliability, security, privacy and network bandwidth challenges. Read the full article Fog in the Factory, written by LYNNE CANAVAN, on this Industrial IoT website.

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