Opportunities and challenges for manufacturers moving on Industry 4.0

What will it take to get manufacturers moving on 4.0? Professor Raj Roy, Head of Manufacturing at Cranfield University, argues that 2017 could be a significant year, and outlines the future major opportunities and challenges for the sector.

In December 2016, thinkers from industry, government and academia came together to map out the future at Cranfield’s Manufacturing 2075 conference. One of the main areas for discussion was the importance of the next few years in transforming the nature of manufacturing globally. The future is with networks of connected micro-factories, local manufacturing operations serving local regions of consumers. In this way the global map changes, with a more even spread of activity around the world and much higher levels of participation and sharing of resources.

The full article is available here.

Image source: http://bit.ly/2mnhyFM.


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