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If AI has the power to transform all industries, why hasn’t it?

There is a ton of noise about AI today. A quick search on Google for “Artificial Intelligence” returned 82M results and almost 4M news stories. Bloomberg reported in June that mentions of AI in earnings transcripts has risen from less than 60 in 2016 to over 250 in just Q1 of this year! In a 2017 PricewaterhouseCoopers report…
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CEO Insights: We’re entering a “Golden Age” as it relates to the field of robotics

As part of the CEO Insights Series, IIoT World's Managing Editor, Lucian Fogoros, interviews Ben Wolff, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Director of Sarcos, about industrial robots. Lucian Fogoros: The number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will increase to around 2.6 million units by 2019. That's about one million units more than in the record-breaking year of 2015.…
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Top World’s Artificial Intelligence Researchers and Influencers

“Someday AI will change the world. But it is important to realize that statistics ≠ knowledge, and that <<deep learning>> is much more superficial than people realize. We still have a long way to go”, said Gary Marcus, Founder and CEO of Geometric Intelligence for Onalytica. From my perspective, this long way can become easier,…
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