A new IIoT portal launched at IoT Evolution Conference

Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) breakthroughs, the pace of progress is accelerating. We are exposed to a lot of information daily, but only a small part of it is really valuable for our business purposes. We do not want to be one of that publication that "knows" everything about everyone. We stay focused on our areas of expertise as IIoT and Digital Transformation is in our DNA.

We are launching today, February 6, 2017, IIoT World, as a digital publication focused on Industrial Internet of Things, SCADA Cybersecurity, Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) Security.

Our aim is to cover in depth these areas and help you create a culture of innovation through valuable information. Our mission is to connect the SMARTS: Industrial technology, manufacturing, sensors, and CXO decision makers.

The intention of IIoT World is to bring new value to nearly every industry by covering the economic and technological implications of the transformation taking place as IIoT proliferates throughout the enterprise.

IIoT World combines journalistic coverage with data analysis to expose the stories, players, trends and innovations that shape the IIoT.

Our News section will help you find the latest important news about IIoT - new products launches, solutions or tools to work with, news about upcoming IIoT events and some current events that affect the industry worldwide. Most of the news will be manually picked by our contributors from specialized media outlets.

In our Articles section we will publish industry's insights: "how to" articles, concerns, trends and aspects that can affect your business on a short or long term. A part of the articles will be picked up manually by our contributors from different IIoT specialized websites/blogs. Occasionally, we will publish genuine content about Industry 4.0, Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) Security, SCADA and IIoT matters.

Our Resources section highlight you the research and discoveries that matter and examine the possibilities of the IIoT technologies in case studies, white papers, reports and other materials gathered from around the world. Most of the materials in this section will be written especially for IIoT World by our contributors.

Our events section will display the calendar with future events where IIoT World is participating as a partner.

At this point, IIoT is launching with 5 top-tech contributors in a cutting-edge digital newsroom. You can visit us at IIoT-World.com and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Feel free to email us or send requests, comments, or feedback at info@IIoT-World.com.

We hope we help you to create value by giving you concise information about things that matter to you! Our goal is to connect the SMARTS: you with us and technology!