Fix Hidden Woes in Manufacturing Environments and View Alerts for Cyber Threats

Knowledge is king in the industrial manufacturing environment today as decisions need to occur with 20/20 vision, no blind spots.

Network visibility allows manufacturers to discover issues that impact process integrity and performance, fix hidden problems in their networks and protect critical systems against cyber threats.

Having the right technology allows the user to understand the network and know what is happening or to have data to analyze what happened.

Take the December 2016 attack on a Kiev, Ukraine a remote power transmission facility. Shutting down the remote terminal units (RTUs) that control circuit breakers caused a power outage for an hour.

Unlike a 2015 cyberattack that cut out 27 power distribution operation centers across the country and affected three utilities in western Ukraine, the December 2016 attack hit the electrical transmission-level substation Pivnichna, a remote power transmission facility and shut down the remote terminal units (RTUs) that control circuit breakers, causing a power outage for about an hour.

Investigators were able to go in and retrieve logs to start the forensics process.

Analyzing and understanding data points from the logs allowed a research team with UkrEnergo, the national power company that oversees the Pivnichna substation and others, to come the conclusion the incident was a part of a bigger ongoing attack throughout the country.

So how can your company utilize timely network visibility to fix hidden network woes and view alerts for cyber threats?

  • Enhance your network performance
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Analyze past trends to predict the future
  • Utilize traditional protocols to foster modern practices

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Frank WilliamsThe article was written by Frank Williams, CEO of  Statseeker, a global provider of innovative network monitoring solutions for the IT enterprise and OT industrial market space. Frank holds a BSEE, augmented by many post graduate courses in management, leadership and technology.