Atit Bhavsar has 7+ years of experience in defining and delivering complex connected products and solutions to Food & Beverages, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail, Transportation, Financial, and Communication/Media/Entertainment industry.
I specialize into Firmware, IoT/IIoT/IoE deployment and management, geolocated sensors and big data platforms to consume massive volume of data streams. Whether early stages of an M2M/IoT project, or in the later stages of defining the offerings, I help businesses get to market on time, with a high performing solution. PoC/MVP program/product management of cross industry IoT product development. Sound
understanding of M2M, Sensors, Data Management, Cross-Industry IoT solutions, AR/VR, Firmware, Embedded systems and platforms, connected devices and Connected home.

• Connected Devices/Sensors & IoT Gateway Solutions
• Conceptualizing, designing self healing sensor networks
• IIoT Solutions and compliance
• Preventive & predictive analytics and anomaly using machine learning algorithms