Avrohom Gottheil increases global brands’ revenue and market share. He's the CEO of New York based SimiPlex Technologies, LLC, where he leverages 20+ years in Telecom to enable people to chat with their smart devices as easily as they speak with each other. He is a Top-ranked global IoT expert by Postscapes.com, and a frequent speaker on using technology to accelerate revenue growth.

Listen to him every week on his popular technology focused podcast, #AskTheCEO, which is featured on YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play.

Avrohom loves traveling to warm destinations, running, hiking, and growing tropical trees.

Contact Avrohom:

Web: http://www.AvrohomGottheil.com

Facebook: AvrohomGottheil

Twitter: @avrohomg

Instagram: @avrohomg



You Tube: http://buff.ly/2rxItBe

iTunes: http://buff.ly/2s34Di8

Sound Cloud: http://buff.ly/2tospTH

Google Play: http://buff.ly/2tmGqAY