Connected industry

Changing your focus from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) “technology” to the use, benefit,

The events of 2020 accelerated digital transformation for industrial companies, particularly in bringing it to


Ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of software requires navigating a complex supply chain made

Smart manufacturing

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched machine monitoring system. However, this brought morale


Security is undergoing a digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. As the fusion of the cyber world and the physical world progresses, various security issues

Manufacturers today face a highly competitive environment with rising costs of materials and resources. The nominal price of steel, for example, has increased by 167% since the


This report from Uniper take a comprehensive look at India’s new energy future, including the Indian “trilemma”, which includes 1)


In the energy sector, it is not uncommon for large capital projects to significantly exceed budget and experience extensive delays.

An Executive Order from US President Donald Trump in May this year overhauled the backbone of the nation’s electricity infrastructure,

Smart Cities, Buildings & Infrastructure

This year, I attended CES 2021 with one goal - to find out about things that could make our life

Having visited more than 40 countries, 200 cities and lived in six countries in the last 10 years as well

The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing automation to boost the productivity of every industry. The technology plays an important

Throughout the whole of last year (2019), we used multiple open data sources to collect data such as highway traffic,

Cybersecurity & ICS


Ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of software requires navigating a complex supply chain made

In a recent article in The Guardian regarding the SolarWinds cybersecurity attack, security technologist Bruce Schneier said,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact business and the economy worldwide, companies in every

“If your ‘Net decisions’ aren’t disrupting the norm, breaking rules and surprising people, waste no more time and expend no more energy. Start being disruptive and accelerate your success” (P. Prestino)