Connected industry

Success is often defined as the achievement of a worthy goal. In today’s engineering and

Due to the real potential to help companies gain a competitive advantage, the industrial Internet

The possibilities brought forth by 5G are extensive and increasingly make possible a world where

Smart manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing as leading companies invest in new technologies to modernize their manufacturing infrastructures, improve overall efficiencies, and develop more flexible

There is no sitting on the fence with manufacturing transformation in a post Covid-19 world, the value of smart manufacturing takes on an added dimension. 


Manufacturing managers maximize the tools they have at their disposal by understanding their shop's capacity. Better use of space, materials, labor, and optimized equipment performance


Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) is a leading U.S.-based contract manufacturer that provides a broad range of prototyping and tooling, production fabrication, coating, assembly and aftermarket

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Operating waste-to-energy power plants have a lot of day-to-day challenges. Volatile combustion, unstable steam, staff issues, and CO-peaks are common


The global energy industry, encompassing oil & gas, solar energy, wind energy, etc. is going through tectonic shifts, confirms McKinsey.


The development of digital and virtual video technologies in the energy industry enables companies to engage the support of international

Smart Cities, Buildings & Infrastructure

In every corner of the country and around the world, leaders are trying to make their cities “smarter.” These projects are often

As the world begins to make the pivotal shift to renewable energy, solar and wind solutions dominate the industry. Yet

A few years ago, we used to navigate for one week during the Hannover Messe long hallways, trying to catch

QBE North America is launching today the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge with non-profit organization Leading Cities for the third consecutive

Cybersecurity & ICS


Sponsored by RunSafe Security Cyberattacks are becoming far too common, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, as

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, isn’t actually a new concept. In fact, it’s been around since

“If your ‘Net decisions’ aren’t disrupting the norm, breaking rules and surprising people, waste no more time and expend no more energy. Start being disruptive and accelerate your success” (P. Prestino)

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