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Many enterprises want to be first to meet new needs, but the path to create data-driven products and services using Industrial IoT for B2B customers is not always so clear. Enterprises can often create the concept, but identifying partners, building

Having visited more than 40 countries, 200 cities and lived in six countries in the last 10 years as well as working in the disruptive Internet of Things (IoT) space, the subject of how to make cities smarter and more

An application marketplace is a digital distribution platform for applications, mostly used in the mobile context. All of us are familiar with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store marketplaces. They show how flourishing the marketplace business is by providing

Running effective operations matters more than ever. IDC survey results show that companies with a superior operational performance were not only able to cope better with the immediate effect of COVID-19 disruptions, but were also able to assess the impact

Now that technology has matured to a point where companies can implement a digital twin strategy that is cost-effective, it is a game-changer for manufacturers. In fact, 75% of organizations implementing IoT already use them or plan to within a year. What

Companies often kiss more frogs than princes when it comes to artificial intelligence investments. Much has changed this year. The new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything. Globally, companies have been forced into crisis management

Digital manufacturing is forecasted to bring out massive changes to the industrial world. Today, regardless of the maturity level of digitization projects in each company, the main motivation is staying competitive, boosting revenues, and enhancing profits, while reducing costs and

Sponsored by BlackBerry QNX OEMs in nearly every industry are becoming software-driven. But while software can provide differentiation, inefficiencies in internal development teams can throttle product innovation and lengthen time to market. These inefficiencies are often based on a growing array

IIoT is driving the manufacturing industry to modernize its software infrastructure. Whether you call it Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing is in the midst of a significant transformation. A key motivation in this push to