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The energy industry is entering a new era, triggered by the relentless rise of renewables, electric cars and smart grids. And like previous industrial revolutions, technology – and the willingness to embrace it – will determine the winners and losers. Over

Applying electricity to transportation is nothing new. In fact, the first electric vehicle (EV) debuted in the United States in 1889 and by the early 1900s, EVs accounted for about a third of all vehicles on the road in the U.S. 

eSmart Systems wanted to put big data and IoT technologies to work for its energy customers to optimize their investments and enable next-generation operational performance. With industry changes such as smart meter and renewable energy adoption, utilities companies needed to

ENERGY! – It’s the most vital, indispensable resource for sustaining and advancing humankind. Much as Oxygen is essential for all life on earth, Electricity - the foremost and primary useful energy form - is the core enabler of all technology

The 50thAnniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is an event that will forever be etched in the sands of time. The United States of America’s winning the space race and putting a man on the moon, can be referred to

ABB is supporting the Chinese government in its efforts to produce emissions-free electricity, delivering automation control solutions at the country’s first two concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.  Building on the successful delivery of power at the first 50 megawatt CSP in

Right now, more than 500 million people globally are facing acute drought water shortages. Cape Town, South Africa, working around the clock to complete massive desalination plants, faces the imminent threat of its four million taps running dry. Nearby towns have

TrendMicro published research at the end of October revealing how exposed human-machine interface (HMI) systems in thousands of critical water and energy organizations around the world could be exploited, causing significant real-world impacts, such as contaminating the water supply. A vast

Daniel Elizalde released today the episode number nine of the IoT Product Leadership podcast focused on how Industrial IoT is reshaping the energy sector. His special guest for this episode is Susan Peterson-Sturm, Digital Lead of Power Generation and Water in the Industrial Automation