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Panel Sponsored by and The Industry 4.0 revolution brings with it a new operational risk for connected, smart manufacturers and digital supply networks: cyber. Industrial Cybersecurity should be an integral part of the strategy, design, and operations from the

Track Sponsored by and This track, originally presented at IIoT World Days on July 1, 2020, covers 5 presentations from industry leaders in ICS Security: ICS Security Bringing Order to ICS Cyber Chaos Addressing the Business and Cyber Security Challenges on

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of strong security in the industrial IoT. Without robust cybersecurity measures, hackers can shut down factory lines, interrupt sensor data flows, or cause major disruptions to supply chains. Security experts have long recognized encryption as

Along with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), the cybersecurity law CA SB-327 known as the “IoT bill” went into effect January 1, 2020, with enforcement beginning July 1, 2020. While the CCPA, which is focused on personal data control and privacy, has

Learn how evolving threats are changing the game for embedded device manufacturers and what the future of cybersecurity looks like for the industry in this white paper. The only system that’s safe from cyberthreats is one that’s never powered on. While

This summary contains three Smart Factory success stories, from the Semiconductor, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering industries.  They describe how Trend Micro expertise and solutions addressed a variety of business challenges, including security solutions for cloud infrastructures, connected threat defense and

The development of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the cloud and big data have enabled devices that started out as unbelievable concepts to become a reality. From a consumer standpoint, these ever-increasing trends are often taken for

Smart manufacturing systems are designed and deployed under the assumption that they will be isolated from both the outside world and the rest of the corporate network. On one hand, this does not necessarily mean that remote attackers should not

Smart manufacturing systems can be seen as the modern implementation of the totally integrated automation (TIA) concept that has been developed by Siemens since 1996. But such is the complexity of smart manufacturing systems that it is difficult, if not