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Making a factory smart means taking advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – technologies that collect and centralize mass amounts of machine data gathered from industrial environments and create value from that data. Solutions built on IIoT platforms collect, aggregate, analyze, and

The past five to ten years brought dramatic advances in sophisticated global supply networks. The latest generation of end-to-end supply chains were designed for “pull” rather than “push,” enabling the high efficiencies.  Entire value streams now operate with advanced software and

An IIoT Scotoma If you’re familiar with the term, you know that scotoma is typically referred to as a blind spot. Interesting to note about a scotoma is the idea that if you don’t believe it, you won’t see it. It’s

Onalytica has been creating Top 100 Influencer lists for the past ten years, connecting brands with influencer communities. The marketplace is now looking to understand who is influential beyond Twitter social amplifiers. Today’s Who’s Who report ranks top IIoT Influencers &

Everyone is asking some form of the same question: “When will we reopen?” When will schools reopen? When will we eat inside restaurants again? When can I go back to the office safely? Is it ok to go to the dentist? Should I go to

Many companies are turning to remote monitoring to achieve their goals of becoming safer, more efficient, and more sustainable in how they work and operate. Starting with SCADA, and now with the advent of the Internet of Things, these systems

There is no stopping an asset from getting older… …and aging plant assets can create a number of challenges for industrial organizations: Frequent breakdowns  Disruption  Decreasing efficiency  According to the former CEO of Factora, Charles A. Horth in an article published in Industry Week: "three

Many companies are ready to move forward with Industrial IoT (IIoT) business initiatives. However, they often encounter funding obstacles. Here are five IIoT financing options to consider.  1. Grants Government bodies and private companies frequently offer grants to push IIoT progress forward

Nearly 75% of companies have committed to the digital transformation journey, but only 25% have reached more mature levels (see IDC MaturityScape: The Future Enterprise, April 2019). These figures confirm that the digital transformation journey can be difficult, but failing