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Top 5 reasons to attend EMO 2019

The EMO Hannover, Germany, is the world's third largest machine tool market taking place this year in Hannover, Germany, September 16-21, 2019. Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany, to get a preview of the show as part of an 80 media & analyst preview sponsored by EDO.  Below are my…
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How will smart manufacturing transform the supply chain?

For manufacturers, managing the supply chain from beginning to end has been like traveling two superhighways interrupted by a long stretch of dirt road. Manufacturers have benefited from increasingly powerful tools for demand planning and logistics management – the first and last parts of their supply chains – but tracking the performance of manufacturing production…
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Edge Computing – Key Drivers and Benefits for Smart Manufacturing

Edge computing means faster response times, increased reliability and security. A lot has been said about how the Internet of Things ( IoT ) is revolutionizing the manufacturing world. Many studies have already predicted more than 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. It is also expected over 1.44 billion data points will be collected per…
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Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industries Trends

It is real, but it’s difficult to say how long it will take. It will surely take many years to fully realize, but is already happening faster than many expected.  This blog presents some of key digital transformation trends in manufacturing ARC tracks in 2018. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning The most noticeable and probably…
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Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: A More Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

In a 2016 article from Business Insider, General Electric described what an ideal intelligent factory would look like. Their vision for the “Brilliant Factory,” as they called it, would start with automatic ordering based on detected customer need, and use 3D printing technologies to design, prototype, and test a new part in hours rather than …
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The state of Automotive, Industrial & Medical Electronics Manufacturing

Over the past two decades, the global market for printed circuit boards has been shaped by the growth of and technological change in the electronics industry in general and, in particular, by end devices such as computers — from servers to desktops and notebooks — in addition to smartphones and tablets. According to estimates in…
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7 Things You Should Ask Your Manufacturing Equipment Provider

Video should be part of every SCADA solution. In fact, all plant operations should consider adding cameras to existing operations as the technology is well understood and the returns can be significant and measurable. Troubleshooting manufacturing equipment and process upsets is extremely costly. False alarms add to this cost, especially if the equipment is remote.…
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5 Advantages of Adopting Assisted Reality in the Industrial Enterprise

The power of overlaying digital information atop the physical world through the form of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is generating a great deal of buzz in both the enterprise and consumer markets. Yet, many industrial enterprises are still waiting for AR/MR hardware to fully mature to take advantage of its most useful…
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The main issues with today’s Industrial Automation Sales Channel

For decades, American industry has purchased much of its electrical, electronic and hydraulic products from independent distributors. Customers and manufacturers experience many advantages by using the industrial distributor business model. Local support, off-book cost, customer credit buffer and customer knowledge are just some of the traditional attractions. However, manufacturers have recently become dissatisfied, feeling that…
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IoT World Breaks Attendance Records – Industrial Track Summary

Over 14 000 IoT professionals from around the globe attended the recent IoT World Conference in Santa Clara, California. A multitude of presentations and demonstrations of the latest IoT developments provided options to the attendees to join 8 tracks daily (Sample tracks: AR/VR,  Data Analytics, Executive Summit, IoT Architecture, IoT, Security, Healthcare, Smart cities,  Industrial IoT).…
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Values and Challenges of SCADA Systems for Outside-the-Fence Applications

Implementing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for outside-the-fence applications is gaining popularity among industries where assets are sprawled across a large geographic area. SCADA systems, however, were initially developed and optimized for inside-the-fence applications. In such setups, machinery and infrastructure are typically co-located or within short reach of a field office or central…
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How Indoor Positioning Systems Can Improve Efficiency in Manufacturing?

Increasing productivity remains one of the main challenges for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a complex enterprise with intertwined machines, people, and processes, which makes the real-time location of assets critical in several aspects. Indoor positioning systems (IPS) are being increasingly deployed, with evidence mounting that it can bring efficiency gains to the shop floor. Here…
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Parker Unveils its Industrial IoT Platform at Hanover Messe

Parker Hannifin Corporation today unveiled the Voice of the Machine® IoT platform, an open, interoperable and scalable ecosystem of connected products and services at Hannover Messe (Germany April 24-28, 2017 Parker booth A48 in Hall 23). With the Voice of the Machine platform, Parker is planning to address challenges that may have prevented operators from fully leveraging…
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MIT: The Seven System Principles You Need to Know Before Implementing IIoT

Are you ready for IIoT/Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 promises to offer significant advantages to manufacturing and operations according to MIT experts. It also provides the opportunity to repeat the same systemic errors that plagued the previous three. In this video, MIT's, Dr. John Carrier, discusses the seven most common systemic errors your company is likely to make when attempting to integrate the Industrial Internet of Things into your existing system, including:

  • The "hidden factory" that inevitably results from a counterproductive and unpredictable mix of old and new technologies
  • Designing feedback mechanisms in your system to gain IQ, make profits, and satisfy customers
  • Solving problems and implementing change by engaging the company culture

Drawing on real examples, he demonstrates how you can recognize and respond quickly to these shortfalls, leveraging IIoT to transform your current operations into a sustainable learning organization.

Does your company have the right systems culture to survive, thrive, and lead in the fourth era? Watch this video to find out.

Dr. Carrier holds an ScD in Chemical Engineering Control Systems  from MIT, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the System Dynamics Group at MIT Sloan.

IIoT World also invite you to learn more about John Carrier’s Executive Education course, Implementing Industry 4.0: Leading Change in Manufacturing and Operations offered July 11–12. As an IIoT World reader you are eligible for a 15% tuition discount on select MIT Sloan Executive Education open enrollment programs by entering referral code IIOT15 on your application by June 30, 2017 (for programs through December 31, 2017). Some exclusions apply.

ADM show wrap up – IIoT & Predictive Maintenance

The inaugural Advanced Design and Manufacturing show  & conference in Cleveland was a success according to Steven Carlisle, UBM's Senior Manager, Relationships & Partnerships. "We managed to hit our target attendance numbers in the first day of the two days event". Here are a few things you might have missed. Five Industries. Countless Possibilities The…
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How To Fast-Track A Successful IoT Manufacturing Project

For a few years now, industry players have been touting the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). Want to streamline processes? Look into IoT. Want to create new service revenue streams? A job for IoT. Want to dramatically reduce downtime? IoT to the rescue. It is easy to see how manufacturers may be daunted…
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Cutting-edge collaborative robots at Automate 2017

Stäubli, the 125th robotics old company, introduced its new TX2 line of collaborative robots to the North American market at the Automate trade show in Chicago earlier this week, ushering in a new era of Man-Robot Collaboration (MRC). The features of the new models comply with the stringent requirements of the highest safety category and excel in…
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Four steps to make your maintenance program ready for the IIoT

Reduce maintenance cost, increase asset availability, improve customer satisfaction, generate new service revenue are benefits that many companies are hoping to get out from the Industrial Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). This post focuses on what you should do  to make sure your maintenance program ready for the IIoT. What are the potential benefits of using the…
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