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This virtual conference is a 90-minute online event discussing how to build a business and value case for digitalization in the energy industry.  An industry overview from Frost & Sullivan, implementation measures, use cases and an end-user experience/success story on

Many organizations are struggling to realize the benefits of IoT, mIoT, IIoT, or any other naming convention used in the marketplace today to describe the Internet of Things . Most IoT initiatives never see the light of day and never

One of a kind online conferencededicated to you that will bring together ICS cybersecurity subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on Industrial cybersecurity, focusing on trends, challenges, concerns, best practices, lessons learned, etc. The content is

Securing ICS software supply chains is becoming increasingly urgent. Attackers, including criminal and state-sponsored groups, are turning their attention to the ICS supply chain as fertile ground for exploitation. And it is not going unnoticed. Not only are critical industries

There are many industry and technology challenges that companies need to understand and determine how to effectively address. These industrial disruptions not only impact the company but the extended value chain and more importantly customers. Some of the key trends

In today’s highly competitive and pandemic-impacted business environment, industrial companies must optimize efficiency, contain costs and pursue every profit potential. And they must do this under severe capital constraints, maximizing existing assets and resources. Data is a key resource from

One of a kind online conference dedicated to you that will bring together subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on their digital transformation journey, focusing on trends, challenges, concerns, best practices, the development of compelling

When you are managing multiple products or product lines, each may have their own custom operating system (OS). And small software differences between products can evolve and result in significant challenges, including differences in how you integrate, deploy and maintain

We live in volatile times and manufacturing challenges have never been greater. Will you be ready to run when the next expansion happens? How do you determine the best outcomes to focus on and the associated ROI? Is there a