Smart Building Cybersecurity as a Service

What you'll learn:

“The advent of IoT technologies is accelerating the collection of data, enabling greater insights into how buildings operate. Comprehensively interpreting data can highlight possible failure points, identify where opportunities may lay to improve the indoor environment, reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and decrease costs such as maintenance, energy, insurance and employees.” Nicholas Lianos, Managing Director, Grosvenor Engineering Group.

The question is how to secure all these future connected buildings? Fifty years ago, when engineers invented the networking technologies that became the Internet, they never imagined the billions of devices we use today. They introduced something that turned out to be a huge, critical assumption. The fatal flaw – The IP address. Tempered Networks announced recently a new technology that fixes the fatal flaw – an AirwallTM. Airwalls don’t use IP addresses for identity. No IP address means you can’t find it. If you can’t find it, you can’t hack it. If it can’t be hacked, your cyber risk goes down. Way down.

In this webinar, Tempered, a cyber risk management company with solutions that cloak IIoT networks, together with Grosvenor Engineering Group, a leading building services provider with over $2.2 billion of assets under management across 20 000+ buildings, will talk about a massive Airwall project.

Key Topics Covered

  Smart building cybersecurity: unique risks and challenges
  Traditional security approaches versus new scalable IIoT cybersecurity approaches
  How to eliminate remote attacks, including lateral attacks that easily evade firewalls
  How to deliver real business outcomes to buildings owners using airwalls
  What is an Airwall (air gap firewall), and how this help protecting smart buildings?
  Customer Story: Grosvenor Engineering Group Deployment










Lucian Fogoros

Managing Director, IIoT World

An entrepreneurial software engineer with global business leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation. Lucian has worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University.[...]

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Nicholas Lianos

Managing Director, Grosvenor Engineering Group


Nicholas has envisioned and guided the growth of Grosvenor Engineering Group with partner, Peter Souflias, for over 20 years to a position where the company is now one of Australia’s preeminent providers of Technical Asset Maintenance Services with an emphasis on HVAC, fire and electrical services [...] Full Bio

Bryan Skene

CTO and VP Product Development, Tempered Networks


Bryan Skene is the CTO and VP of Product Development at Tempered Networks, where he is responsible for leading a world-class team of engineers. Skene has a deep and successful track record of delivering breakthrough technology, with an eye on simplifying complex challenges for businesses. [...] Full Bio

Greg Orloff

Sr. Analyst and CIO, IIoT World


Greg is Sr. Analyst and Chief Innovation Officer at IIoT World. Previously Greg served as the CEO of Tangent Company, inventor of the Watercycle™, the only commercial residential direct potable reuse system in the country. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University [...] Full Bio