IBM and Unified Inbox – IoT platform for Smart Cities

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IBM and Unified Inbox – IoT platform for Smart Cities

IBM and Unified Inbox (UIB), a Singapore-based intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging platform, is collaborating to provide businesses with a IoT messaging platform using IBM Watson.

Known as the UnificationEngine, UIB’s messaging platform is a technology compatible with over 20 applications including email, SMS, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. IBM Watson powers the natural language and conversational intelligence of UIB’s UnificationEngine platform, which makes it possible for users to communicate with their appliances.

“Bringing together IoT with artificial intelligence (AI) and unified messaging, we have created the world’s first UnificationEngine. UnificationEngine is a device- and platform-agnostic middleware that enables products and software to simply communicate with people and things,” said Toby Ruckert, Founder and CEO, Unified Inbox.

In a smart city scenario, it can be used to message city officials on crowd movements and formations or leveraging the UnificationEngine to message commuters waiting for a bus. This technology may even be used to warn people approaching the airport in warning them about the Airport queues.

Jason Jameson, Director, Watson Internet of Things, Asia Pacific: “IoT has the potential to create real business value and transforms industries. The industry is primed to disrupt long-standing business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to virtually everything”. Smart Cities, manufacturing equipment, aircraft engines and implantable medical devices are also among the industries to be disrupted according to Jameson.
Stay tuned for an interview with Unified Inbox CEO, Toby Ruckert as we reached out to him on the use of this solution in an industrial setting such as manufacturing. Read more on UIB’s solution here.

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